Terms of Use

Product Review Posting Guidelines

INDtuning.com encourages our customers to share their personal feedback regarding the quality of the items ordered. We want customers to be able to make smart buying decisions based on the feedback shared by fellow buyers. Product feedback can be shared on INDtuning.com, directly on the product detail page. All product reviews submitted by customers will be reviewed to ensure that the Product Review Guidelines are being followed prior to being shared in a public setting.

  • Who can create product reviews?

All customers who have purchased an item from INDtuning.com are encouraged to share feedback regarding the quality of the product ordered.

  • What can be discussed in product reviews?
  • Reviews must be focused solely on the product quality, performance, ease of install, etc.
  • Customers should be specific while writing the review, and must explain why they like or dislike a product.
  • Character limitation of 2000
  • What cannot be discussed in product reviews?
  • Profanity or distasteful comments.
  • Off-topic or unrelated material (Transaction related issues, etc.).
  • Vague comments that do not explain the product.
  • Promotional content.
  • Copyright protected material.
  • Web links or hyperlinks

Should you feel that there is a quality or product safety concern, please contact us immediately so that we may address your concerns.

The customer sharing product reviews is responsible for all of the content within the review. In the event that the customer review contains any copyright protected information or material from another source, INDtuning.com will not be held responsible, either directly or indirectly for any copyright violation. It is the customer’s responsibility to share his or her personal product review, in his or her own words.

If you have any other questions or concerns, please contact us!