Toyota MR2 MR2 Heaven Turbo Carbon Fiber Pipers with Side-mounted Intercooler Kit V2

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Package Includes:

  • 1 x Carbon Fiber Hot Pipe
  • 1 x Carbon Fiber Cold Pipe
  • 9″ Fan shroud, fan and block off plate
  • Aluminum Side Mount Intercooler Core
  • Constant Torque hose clamps
  • Set of MR2Heaven couplers


Features and Benefits:

  • Lowers Intake Temperatures
  • Lightweight
  • Reinforced End Sections
  • Made from 8+ layers of high quality and temperature PrePreg Carbon Fiber
  • Improved Performance

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Intake Air Temperatures with Stainless steel/Aluminum pipes can exceed 130-165F after 3 to 6 pulls on an upgraded side-mounted intercooler setup. 165F is ridiculous considering modern high-performance cars are only about 10-30F above ambient. Fortunately for this application, their real-world testing has shown that these pipes reach up to 30 degrees above ambient on the track or on the street. This is made possible because Carbon Fiber features 10 to 40x lower heat thermal transfer conductivity values than Aluminum and Stainless steel material respectively. This means it’s an excellent insulator, like styrofoam and silicone. (Touch styrofoam and silicone, they have a hard time reaching any sort of significant temperatures)

Exhaust manifold temperatures can reach up to 1200F with your valve cover temperature itself hovering around 185-260F+. According to thermodynamic principles, a metal piece will become equilibrium in temperature with its surroundings very quickly. The metal piece would also absorb outside radiated heat and also radiate it within the pipe since air charge temps are cooler inside the pipe than the metal heat soaked piece.