BMW F30 Maxton Design Rear Side Splitter

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Package Includes:

  • 1 x BMW F30 Maxton Design Rear Side SplitterBMW F30 Maxton Design Rear Side Splitter Set


Features and Benefits:

  • The splitter is in black color, it’s ready for mounting.
  • No need for any additional work, unless you want to paint it for a different color.
  • Splitter lowers the car visually and improves grip and vehicle stability.

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Maximum value is 2
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MaxtonDesign is a Poland, Euro-based design and manufacture company, established in 2004. Their goal is to design and develop a new type of ABS products that do not require colour coding before installation, which includes Front Lip, Side Skirt Diffuser, Spoiler, Rear Diffuser…etc. MaxtonDesign also develops high fitment accuracy full body kit and wide body kit using Fibre Glass.
Different from other car modification companies in the market, MaxtonDesign only uses Company Aided 3D Scanning Technology to obtain first-hand data from the actual car, then process that scanned data with a computer-based milling machine to make the mould. Even the production stage is fully operated with the help of a computer, this could minimize human error hence MaxtonDesign products can achieve 99.9% successful install rate.
Apart from developing body kit and aftermarket products, R&D of ABS application is another key project of MaxtonDesign, with a team of material specialists to help on mastering the perfect flexibility ABS for bodykit application. In addition to self-developed, the ABS being used by MD are certified by Germany TUV and “International Road Use”

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