Audi C7 S6/RS6/RS7 SRM Billet Driveshaft Carrier Upgrade

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Package Includes:

  • 1 x Audi C7 S6/RS6/RS7 SRM Billet Driveshaft Carrier Upgrade


Features and Benefits:

  • Replace the Polyurethane Bushing
  • Fits various models, check product fitment

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This SRM Two-Piece Upgraded Driveshaft Carrier Bearing Support is one of the smartest modifications to make to your C7 Audi. Spirited driving and high RPM launches with these heavy, modified cars, tend to lead to damaged drive shafts hangers. Additionally, when this factory OEM bearing/hanger is damaged it will often lead to a rear differential failure due to the pinion angle change, turning into extremely expensive repair bills. If this bearing wears out you must replace the entire factory driveshaft as they are sold as a single item.

With the SRM Two-Piece Upgraded Driveshaft Carrier Bearing Support, you are able to replace the polyurethane bushing as needed without replacing the whole driveshaft itself. Simply cut off the existing OEM driveshaft bearing hanger (video below) and install the SRM Driveshaft Carrier Bearing Support. When the time comes that the polyurethane bushing needs replacing, all you need to do is take apart the easy two-piece design, replace the worn bushing and reassemble the two-piece carrier! That comes out to a lot less money out of pocket than the estimated $1,400 it costs to purchase a complete OEM driveshaft plus the installation.

Save the headache as well as your time and money down the road by purchasing the SRM Two-Piece Driveshaft Carrier Bearing Support today!

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